Expect More Crazy Weather, Says UN Climate Change Panel

A new report puts a microscope on the link between climate and weather.


Wondering whether the heat wave that’s been shattering temperature records across the Midwest has anything to do with climate change? A report on extreme weather events released today by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(IPCC) offers strong evidence that global warming makes heat waves and record highs more likely.

While there have been many studies on the link between climate and extreme weather, and plenty of speculation, this report, which synthesizes over a thousand studies on climate, weather, and disasters, offers an “unprecedented level of detail” on observed and expected changes in weather and climate extremes, says the IPCC. This is the first time the panel has taken a comprehensive look specifically at extreme weather, as well as the first IPCC report to consult social scientists in seeking to understand how communities are affected by climate change.

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