Richard Branson Letter to David Cameron on Renewable Energy

The letter in full from Dale Vince, Juliet Davenport and Caroline Lucas and other signatories backing green power, in response to a recent letter in which 101 Conservative backbenchers rubbished wind power.

D@LY3D/Flickr; bisgovuk/Flickr

Dear David Cameron,

As entrepreneurs, investors, economists, scientists, engineers, energy providers, community builders and Members of Parliament, we are increasingly concerned about the lack of clarity around the future of government support for land based renewables, such as solar, wind and biogas.

In wind alone, the UK has more than 40% of Europe’s renewable energy resources – enough to power up our economy 3 to 4 times over, generate exports, and provide the tools for communities and entrepreneurs to do their job.

Bringing energy supply and demand together, a decentralised energy market can make real efficiencies in costs associated with our antiquated infrastructure and transmission loss, deliver savings for tax payers and provide frustrated investors with new opportunities.

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