Tennessee Passes Anti-Climate, Anti-Evolution ‘Education’ Bill

New rules allow teachers to decide whether climate change is taught as science or BS.


Good news for people who don’t know shit about dick: You can now teach science in Tennessee! The state legislature has passed a bill saying that if “science” “teachers” don’t personally believe in evolution or climate change, they’re free to represent them to students as kooky conjecture. Because forcing teachers to teach science is a form of fascism! Or socialism! I don’t know the difference, I took political science in Tennessee.

It’s possible that Tennessee legislators, who to be fair did take math in Tennessee, got confused and thought it was 1912, 13 years before the Scopes Trial in that very same state started the process of undermining laws against teaching evolution. Or maybe Tennessee is finally chafing under the yoke of science, and rebelling against the obligation to live in the same reality as the rest of us. If it’s the latter, I’m hoping for some very entertaining new laws as the legislators continue to snap.

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