Tides of March

If you’re not worried about rising sea levels, you should be.


Will your home be underwater in 2030 — not your mortgage, but the house itself? If you live anywhere near a coast, that’s a question you might want to start taking seriously. Nearly 5 million people across the United States live close enough to the high-tide line to be in danger if climate change causes sea levels to rise at least four feet, according to a new report by Climate Central.

The report, called “Surging Seas,” is the first analysis of rising sea levels that includes estimates of land, population, and housing at risk in every low-lying coastal area of the country, and it comes with an interactive map that illustrates the threat. Type in your city or zip code, and you can adjust the water level on the map to see how many acres, people, and homes would be affected if sea level rose anywhere between one and 10 feet above the high-tide line.

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