After Sandy: The Debate We Should Have Had—Climate Change, Science, and the Next 4 Years

Featuring Obama campaign surrogate Kevin Knobloch and former Republican congressman and Delaware governor Mike Castle

Thursday, November 1, 2012
The Mott House, Capitol Hill
9:30a.m.-11:00a.m., breakfast and refreshments served

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy—an event made worse by global climate change—we now see clearly just how ill-served this country was by the 2012 presidential debates, which overwhelmingly ignorednot only climate, but science-based issues in general. However, it’s not too late to have a national conversation about these matters before the election—in fact, it’s urgent to do so.

So on the eve of the election, Climate Desk Live is partnering with, an innovative nonprofit dedicated to injecting science policy into the presidential campaign, to stage the debate we should have had.

Earlier this year, Science Debate asked the two presidential campaigns to answer 14 top science policy questions on topics ranging from climate change to the internet. Their responses generated a broad and lively discussion—but no public conversation. On Thursday, that will change.

Join us on Thursday, November 1, when the president of the Union of Concerned Scientists, Kevin Knobloch—an expert on science, climate, and energy who is representing the Obama campaign as a private citizen—will share the spotlight with Mike Castle, the former governor of Delaware and a nine-term congressman from the state. (Note: While Castle will represent a Republican perspetive on these issues, he does not speak for the Romney campaign.)

Knobloch and Castle will discuss the future of US policy on climate, energy, oceans, food, and freshwater. They’ll also discuss science, innovation, and the future of science-based policy-making—as well as comment on the politicization of so many once-sleepy science issues in our national dialogue.

The event will be co-hosted by Climate Desk Live’s Chris Mooney and ScienceDebate CEO Shawn Otto. We hope you will join us. Please RSVP to this space-limited, invitation-only event to

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