Seattle Mayor Calls for City’s Pension Funds to Dump Oil Stocks


The first city to jump on the divestment bandwagon.

Will Sandy’s Legacy Loom As Large As it Should Past 2012?


There’s a lot to be learned from 2012′s biggest storm, if our attention span can hold out long enough.

New Report Finds That West Antarctica Is Warming at an Alarming Rate


In a region where melting could contribute *10 feet* of global sea-level rise, new measurements show temperatures ticking up twice as fast as previously thought.

VIDEO: Drought, Floods, and One Giant Storm: The Year in Climate Insanity


Climate Desk looks back at the hottest year on record.

Will Colleges Kick Coal Out of Their Stockings?


Students across the country are calling for colleges to divest from fossil fuels. But will the schools listen?

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