Why the GOP’s Attack on Obama’s Climate Plan Will Probably Fail

Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley/Flickr

For now, anyway.

Coal Is Dying and It’s Never Coming Back

Republicans blame Obama's regulations, but the free market is crushing coal too. Charles Bertram/ZUMA

With or without help from President Obama.

Marco Rubio Used to Believe in Climate Science. Now He’s Running for President.


Another global warming denier is entering the 2016 race.

These Maps Show Why We Keep Electing Climate Change Deniers


In 58 percent of congressional districts, majorities don’t believe we’re causing global warming.

The Link Between Fracking and Oklahoma’s Quakes Keeps Getting Stronger

A man in Sparks, Oklahoma, picks through rubble from his home following an earthquake in 2011. Sue Ogrocki/AP

The number of quakes has exploded alongside the gas boom, yet officials say the events are “natural.”


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