Scientists Just Analyzed Dozens of Natural Disasters. Can You Guess Which Ones We Made Worse?


California’s epic wildfire season has our fingerprints all over it.

The Keystone XL Pipeline Isn’t Dead Yet. Here’s What You Need to Know About What Comes Next.

Oil sands production in Alberta, Canada. chris kolaczan/Shutterstock

Low oil prices are squeezing production of one of the world’s dirtiest fossil fuels.

The World’s Plan to Save Itself, in 6 Charts


Here’s how countries around the world are promising to fight climate change.

Are We About to Say Goodbye to Fish Sticks?

fish sticks

New England’s cod fishery is collapsing, and climate change is to blame.

Watch 2 GOP Presidential Candidates Call Out Their Party for Denying Science

George Pataki

Real talk on climate change and vaccines.

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