How Beyoncé Is Saving the Planet With Her New Album

Courtesy Columbia Records

Purchasing “Beyoncé” online instead of on CD could cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80 percent.

CHART: How Much Do Exxon and Google Charge Themselves for Climate Pollution?


The world’s biggest polluters know a price on carbon isn’t far off.

8 Scary Facts About Antibiotic Resistance

Drug resistant Stapholococcus aureus bacteria. CDC/Wikimedia Commons

Science writer Maryn McKenna explains why the drugs we rely on may soon stop working.

Scientists: Current International Warming Target Is “Disastrous”

EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection/Flickr

A new study dynamites a long agreed-upon climate goal.

The EPA’s Bold New Agenda


The agency’s plans for 2014 involve a hard look at fracking and new curbs on carbon-belching power plants.


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