Bribes, Favors, and a Billion-Dollar Yacht: Inside the Crazy World of the Men Who Do Oil Companies’ Dirty Work

Men walk past an illegal oil refinery in Nigeria, one of the countries where US companies rely on fixers to arrange deals. Sunday Alamba/AP Photo

Journalist Ken Silverstein gained unprecedented access to a hyper-reclusive cabal of powerful billionaires.

It Doesn’t Matter Whether You Call It “Global Warming” or “Climate Change”


We should stop trying to spin what’s happening to the globe, and start dealing with it.

This Is What a Holy Shit Moment for Global Warming Looks Like


According to two new studies, the collapse of much of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet may now be irreversible. That could ultimately mean 10 feet of sea level rise.

North Dakota Is the Deadliest State to Work In

James West/Climate Desk

A new report finds exceptionally high fatality rates in the oil and gas and construction industries.

7 Scary Facts About How Global Warming Is Scorching the United States

Your new America (observed temperature changes over the last 22 years). National Climate Assessment.

The National Climate Assessment isn’t just about our future. It’s about our scarcely recognizable present.


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