Even George W. Bush’s Environment Chief Thinks Trump’s Energy Plan Is Bonkers

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“He’s talking about rolling back the clock, which I think is very dangerous.”

How Bernie Sanders Made Hillary Clinton Into a Greener Candidate

REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

Hillary Clinton is her party’s presumptive nominee. Whether Sanders drops out tomorrow or the day he loses the roll-call vote at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia, his campaign is over. But if ever there were a losing campaign that achieved some major wins, it’s Sanders’. Not only did he force Clinton to talk more about [...]

Environmentalists Could Put Sanders on Top in California Primary

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Tuesday’s primary could be partly a referendum on fracking.

Watch Us Do This Really Simple Science Experiment That Proves Donald Trump Wrong


And almost screw it up.

20 Percent of Plant Species Could Go Extinct


Climate change, deforestation, and pollution are wreaking havoc on the Earth’s vegetation.

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