Live from Stockholm: Global Science Panel Releases Landmark Climate Report


Scientists warn of “unequivocal” climate change that is “unprecedented over decades to millennia.”

World Scientists Put Finishing Touches on Major Climate Report

Activists erect a tribute to melting ice outside the IPCC's meeting hall in Stockholm. Tim McDonnell/Climate Desk

In Stockholm, top climate experts are fueling up on coffee as they work through the night to synthesize five years of science.

4 Climate Myths You’ll Hear This Week

Your uncle, yelling at you about how global warming has stopped Jinga/Shutterstock and Jessica Robertson/USGS

‘Tis the season of climate denial. Be prepared.

WATCH: What’s Really Going on With Arctic Sea Ice?


Slate writer Phil Plait debunks the recent misinformation about melting ice and explains why you should care about climate change.

Podcast: What It’s Like To Spend 55 Days in Space

Marsha Ivins on Space Shuttle Columbia, 1997. NASA

On our new show, Inquiring Minds, astronaut Marsha Ivins talks about her 5 shuttle missions, NASA’s budget, and why the Borg cube makes a good space ship.


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