How Much Should You Worry About an Arctic Methane Bomb?

Wikimedia Commons

Recent warnings that this greenhouse gas could cost us $60 trillion have received widespread publicity. But many scientists are skeptical.

Global Warming Could Cause 50 Percent Increase in Violent Conflict

Syrian rebels reposition in May. Medyan Dairieh/ZUMAPress

Scientists see fresh evidence of a strong link between climate change and violence.

Flood, Rebuild, Repeat: Are We Ready for a Superstorm Sandy Every Other Year?


Why we pretend the next storm won’t happen—and flush billions in disaster relief down the drain.

More Wildfires = More Warming = More Wildfires

Andrew Dunlap and his father Dave Dunlap, in truck, watch as a wildfire burns behind their house in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Tuesday, June 11, 2013. (Credit Image: © Christian Murdock/MCT/

Why scientists are scared of the link between bigger wildfires and rapid thawing of northern permafrost.

Could Greenhouse Gases Turn Earth Into Venus?


Yes, but not anytime soon. 


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