Top 4 Reasons the US Still Doesn’t Have a Single Offshore Wind Turbine


The UK has 870. Germany has 416. So what’s stopping us?

Salazar: On Energy, Expect Four More Years of the Same

Tim McDonnell/Climate Desk

The outgoing interior secretary predicts little change in second-term Obama energy policies.

VIDEO: What’s It Like to Land on an Aircraft Carrier?

Mother Jones environmental correspondent Julia Whitty had a front-row seat for the US Navy’s green transformation.

Inside the Military’s Clean-Energy Revolution

Frank Stockton

Damn the deniers, the doubters, and the do-nothing Congress. The Pentagon is moving full green ahead.

VIDEO: Wait Until China Acts on Climate. What? They Are!?


China is enacting a carbon tax. There goes US politicians’ best excuse to do nothing about climate change.


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