How Science Can Predict Where You Stand on Keystone XL


Want to make sense of the feud between pipeline activists and “hippie-punching” moderates? Talk to the researchers.

CHARTS: ‘Messy’ US Climate Policy is Kinda Working


Even without a plan, new data shows the country making some climate gains.

How Thatcher Made the Conservative Case for Climate Action

Thatcher at the UN in 1990. United Nations

In her later years, Margaret Thatcher tried to water down her climate legacy, but as prime minister, she rallied the world behind global action.

CHART: How Climate Change and Your Wine Habit Threaten Endangered Pandas

Conservation International

Global warming is shifting wine country straight onto sensitive habitats.

Is a Game of Thrones Winter Coming?


Frozen sheep, slowing jet streams, record snowfalls—all signs, climate scientists say, of a stark new reality.


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