Are Fungus-Farming Ants the Key to Better Biofuel?

Secrets from their underground fungus fields could help fight climate change.

FEMA Report: Climate Change Could Increase Areas At Risk of Flood by 45%

Clean-up in Breezy Point following Hurricane Sandy, November 5, 2012. Bryan Smith/

A landmark study finds climate change could have a huge impact on the National Flood Insurance Program.

How Climate Change Makes Wildfires Worse

Andrew Dunlap and his father Dave Dunlap, in truck, watch as a wildfire burns behind their house in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Tuesday, June 11, 2013. (Credit Image: © Christian Murdock/MCT/

In Colorado, extreme weather is fueling fierce fires. Again.

Samantha Power’s Climate Silence

Samantha Power (1st L), a former national security staffer and the next UN ambassador, leaves the Rose Garden . By Fang Zhe/Xinhua/

Obama’s pick to be the next UN ambassador hasn’t said much on climate change.

Slicing Open Stalagmites to Reveal Climate Secrets

Stacy Carolin collects samples in a Borneo cave last fall. Photo by Syria Lejau

Scientists are heading underground for clues to ancient climates.


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