This Woman Took Your Picture…From Saturn

Earth as glimpsed past Saturn in one section of the stunning "The Day the Earth Smiled" image taken by the Cassini spacecraft. NASA/JPL/SSI/CICLOPS/Wikimedia Commons

Planetary scientist Carolyn Porco on the Cassini spacecraft, the possibility of life on Saturn’s moons, and seeing Earth from distant space.

Why Obamacare Could Produce More Atheists


And other surprising psychological findings about why some people (but not others) reject religion.

PHOTOS: 2013′s Most Terrifying Weather Disasters

California Wildfires 2013 - Rim Fire

Many may be harbingers of a changing climate.

How Beyoncé Is Saving the Planet With Her New Album

Courtesy Columbia Records

Purchasing “Beyoncé” online instead of on CD could cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80 percent.

CHART: How Much Do Exxon and Google Charge Themselves for Climate Pollution?


The world’s biggest polluters know a price on carbon isn’t far off.


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