Will Super Typhoon Neoguri Threaten Japan’s Nuclear Plants?

Typhoon Neoguri on July 6. NASA.

The strongest storm in many years is barreling down on Japan’s islands.

We Are Making Ebola Outbreaks Worse By Cutting Down Forests


Epidemiologists explain how human activity helps spread the deadly virus in West Africa.

What You Need to Know About the Coming Jellyfish Apocalypse


Calling all swimmers! Here’s how to coexist with our gelatinous friends.

Our Inability To Deal With Climate Change Is Going to Kill the Penguins

A group of Emperor penguin adults make their way across sea ice in Terre Adélie in East Antarctica. The seabirds rely on sea ice for breeding and raising their young, but declines in sea ice from warmer temperature may be affecting all colony by the end of the century. Courtesy Stephanie Jenouvrier

Many Antarctic Emperor penguin colonies could decline by more than half in less than a century.

These Maps Show How Many Brutally Hot Days You Will Suffer When You’re Old


Sorry, millennials. Your golden years are going to be really sweaty.

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