Here’s Every State of the Union Climate Promise Made by Obama

The White House/Flickr

This video shows seven years of global warming proposals—and how he did on each one.

How 19 Big-Name Corporations Plan to Make Money Off the Climate Crisis

New York officials tour flood damage in a Sikorsky Black Hawk helicopter in 2011. Hans Pennink/AP

Think weapons, air conditioners, and ice cream, for starters.

Here’s a Video Showing the Very Worst Anti-Science Bullshit of 2015


Snowballs, witch-hunts, and a big measles outbreak.

The Republican Primary Just Got a Little Less Sane

Elephant: Jeff Cameron Collingwood/Shutterstock; gif by James West/Climate Desk

Lindsey Graham was one of the few Republicans contenders with a reasonable position on climate change. He just dropped out.

World Leaders Just Agreed to a Landmark Deal to Fight Global Warming


Will the Paris Agreement be enough?


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