The Link Between Fracking and Oklahoma’s Quakes Keeps Getting Stronger

A man in Sparks, Oklahoma, picks through rubble from his home following an earthquake in 2011. Sue Ogrocki/AP

The number of quakes has exploded alongside the gas boom, yet officials say the events are “natural.”

Scientists Are Arguing About When, Exactly, Humans Started to Rule the Planet


A new study argues it happened all the way back when we invented farming.

Is Your Local Fracking Company Breaking the Rules? You’ll Probably Never Know

A fracking rig in Pennsylvania. Charles Mostoller/ZUMA

Just three states have readily accessible databases of violations by oil and gas companies.

Here’s What President Obama Just Promised the World in the Fight Against Climate Change

Charlie Riedel/AP

Can Republicans block it?

The World’s Worst Climate Villain Just Showed Us Exactly How to Stop Global Warming

Justin Qian/ZUMA

Australia’s climate plan was working—before it got scrapped.


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