Explained in 90 Seconds: What the @#% Is Climate Change Doing to El Niño?


Scientists are using new coral records to strengthen the case that climate change might be making El Niño worse.

“Catastrophic” Heat Wave Burning up Australia

Bushfire in Forcett, Tasmania, 4th January 2013. Andrew Page: farmatronic/Flickr

The Australian Prime Minister warns of more extreme weather to come.

Coral Fights Back Against Warming Seas

Photo by Dan Barshis

New genetic research shows we shouldn’t write coral off just yet.

VIDEO: Hiking the 1,700-Mile Keystone Pipeline “Trail”

Ken Ilgunas

Ken Ilgunas wanted to learn more about the controversial pipeline. So he strapped on a pair of hiking boots and hit the trail.

A Hidden Climate Win in the Fiscal Deal


The wind industry survived the fiscal cliff. But it ain’t out of the woods yet.


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