A Scientific Storm is Brewing Over the Hurricane-Climate Connection

Wikimedia Commons

Echoes of 2005′s scientific dispute—and its devastating hurricane season.

Here Comes the Son: Barry Goldwater Jr. Fights for Solar Power in Arizona

Gage Skidmore/Flickr

A fight over net-metering policy in the Grand Canyon State reveals some rifts among conservatives.

5 Gorgeous Landmarks Threatened by Rising Seas


Because of climate change, postcard-perfect lighthouses, parks, and seaside city blocks could soon be swallowed into the ocean.

Whatever Happened to “Green Jobs”?

President Obama wipes his face during a speech on climate change at Georgetown University. Prensa Internacional/Zuma

President Obama’s message on the environment used to be all about the economy. Now it’s about climate.

Does Climate Change Make Western Firefighting More Dangerous?

July 3, 2013 - Prescott, AZ, U.S - A makeshift memorial for the 19 fallen firefighters outside of Granite Mountain Hotshots Fire Station 7 in Prescott, Arizona. The Yarnell Hill fire, which killed all but one member of a 20-strong 'hotshot' team, was the biggest loss of firefighters' lives since the September 11 attacks, and the most from a US wildfire in 80 years. (Credit Image: © Krista Kennell/ZUMAPRESS.com)

Tragic death of ‘Hotshot’ firefighting team in Arizona renews debate about global warming’s influence on wildfires.


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