Could This 2013 Nobel Laureate Afford College Today?

2013 Nobel laureate in medicine Randy Schekman. Mark Richards/ZUMA

Randy Schekman, one of this year’s Nobel Prize winners in medicine, says access to affordable, publicly supported higher education was crucial to his success. Can today’s scientific talent even afford to pursue a career like his?

WATCH: Drought-Hardy Barley Could Save Your Beer

Tim McDonnell/Climate Desk

Just in time for Oktoberfest, genetic research on barley could save a staple crop from drought… and keep the beer flowing.

WATCH LIVE: Have the Media Failed Us on Climate Change?

IPCC lead author Thomas Stocker fields questions from reporters about the so-called global warming "slowdown." Tim McDonnell/Climate Desk

Journalists from Slate, the Guardian, the Atlantic Cities, the Huffington Post, and Mother Jones meet up at SXSW Eco in Austin, Texas, to hold the press to account.

If You Distrust Vaccines, You’re More Likely to Think NASA Faked the Moon Landings


A new study finds that conspiracy beliefs tie together those who deny climate change, refuse vaccines, and question GMOs.

This Woman Has Spent Almost a Year of Her Life Under Water

Dr. Sylvia Earle prepares for a dive in the DeepSee submersible – Coiba, Panama. ©Kip Evans – Mission Blue.

Scientist and explorer Sylvia Earle warns that the oceans are “not too big to fail.” But she also says that just maybe, we’re growing wise enough to save them.


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