All Over the World, Hurricane Records Keep Breaking

Super Typhoon Haiyan as it made landfall in the Philippines. NOAA

Super Typhoon Haiyan was a terrifyingly intense storm…and so were many others around the globe in the last decade.

Meet the Computer Geek Who Took on Ken Cuccinelli—and Won

Climate scientist Michael Mann speaks alongside Terry McAuliffe at a campaign event in Virginia. McAuliffe campaign

Michael Mann didn’t come to politics. Politics came to him.

Watch the World’s Forests Disappear on Google Earth


888,000 square miles of forest disappeared in the last decade. New maps show where.

Philippines Faces “Nightmare” Recovery in Haiyan’s Wake

Marines carry an injured Filipino woman on a stretcher for medical attention, assisted by a Philippine Air Force airman at Vilamore Air Base, Manila. Caleb Hoover/U.S. Marines/

Bodies are piling up and camps for survivors are in chaos as relief workers struggle to get help where its needed.

MAP: Is Your State Ready for Climate Disasters?

Marion Doss/Flickr

Most states’ disaster plans don’t account for global warming.


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