Is a Game of Thrones Winter Coming?


Frozen sheep, slowing jet streams, record snowfalls—all signs, climate scientists say, of a stark new reality.

Frackers Are Losing $1.5 Billion Yearly to Leaks

Sean Garrett/Flickr

Leaky pipes are the “super low-hanging fruit” of climate change.

CHART: Withering Drought Still Plaguing Half of America


New figures released Thursday show large swathes of the US remain in the grip of drought, with worse to come.

The Drought Is Drying Up All Our Ethanol


After getting slammed last summer, ethanol producers are hoping to catch a break—but their fate is far from settled.

Keystone XL: The Science, Stakes, and Strategy Behind the Fight Over the Tar Sands Pipeline


Join us for a Climate Desk Live event focused on Keystone XL.


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