California Is About to Do Something Great That No State Has Ever Done Before

Gabriel Rodríguez/Flickr

“If California can do this, it could really be the beginning of the snowball.”

Coal Companies Are Dying While Their Execs Grab More Cash


The industry is collapsing, but its corporate bigwigs are doing just fine.

Will New Orleans Survive the Next Katrina?

Tim McDonnell/Climate Desk

Take a bird’s-eye tour of the $50 billion battle to save Louisiana.

Scott Walker Thinks Obama’s Climate Plan Will Jack Up Your Electric Bill. He’s Wrong.

Gateway Technical College/Flickr

Here’s why the president’s plan isn’t a job-killing monstrosity.

President Obama Just Finalized His Plan to Fight Climate Change

Allen Eyestone/ZUMA

The EPA’s new rules will crack down on emissions from coal-fired power plants.


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