The Science of Tea Party Wrath

Fibonacci Blue/Flickr

Jonathan Haidt on the psychology of politics, the emotions behind the Tea Party—and why as a self-described centrist, he thinks a Republican crackup may be coming.

CHARTS: US Carbon Emissions Are Dropping


The latest government stats show that planet-warming emissions have fallen in 5 of the last 7 years.

How 9 Major Papers Deal With Climate-Denying Letters

M. Unal Ozmen/Shutterstock

The Los Angeles Times took a stand against climate misinformation on its letters page. Will other newspapers follow its lead?

How Do You Get People to Give a Damn About Climate Change?


Experts have come a long way in trying to figure out which messages can successfully open minds and move public opinion. There’s just one problem: They disagree about whether the message everyone’s using actually works.

For Climate Scientists, Shutdown Casts Long Shadow

Antarctic researcher Gretchen Hoffman, left, says the shutdown "could completely scuttle some projects." Courtesy Gretchen Hofmann

An Antarctic scientist explains how pain from the shutdown could be felt for years to come.


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