Maps: The Secrets Drillers Can Hide About the Fracking in Your Backyard


State-by-state analysis shows natural gas drillers can keep almost everything about their operation secret.

Is the Natural Gas Industry Buying Academics?


Authors of pro-fracking studies are coming under fire for their cozy relationships with the fossil fuel industry.

U.S. Drought Could Cause Global Unrest

Aerial view of drought-affected farmland near Strasburg, Colorado, on July 21, 2012. USDA/Lance Cheung/Flickr

While the United States is relatively insulated from food price increases, for people in developing countries, high prices are a catastrophe.

Charts: Gen Xers Say “Meh” to Climate Change


For Americans who grew up with MTV and grunge, climate reality bites.

“Holy Sh*t!” From the Ashes, a Call to Heed Climate Change


Amid the wreckage of his home, a fire victim warns future generations of climate change


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