Swept in by a Hurricane, Climate Change Returns to Washington

James West/Climate Desk

After two years as the new third rail of American politics, climate change is poised for a return to Capitol Hill.

WATCH: On Long Island, Sandy Victims Vote—Or Not


On Long Island, Sandy victims emerge from shattered lives to vote.

VIDEO: Weary NJ Voters Face Election Day Ordeal


“We really don’t care about the election right now, it’s the furthest thing from our minds” one resident says. Still, officials are scrambling to keep the polls open Tuesday.

VIDEO: With or Without FEMA, Staten Island Sifts Through the Rubble


FEMA finally arrives in Staten Island to assess damage, and finds a community already banding together.

NYC Gas Crisis “Like Something You See in the Movies”

gas craziness

With most mass transit still down, and precious little gas on hand, traffic deadlocks in Brooklyn.


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