Carbon-Sucking Golf Balls And Other Crazy Climate Patents


An afternoon searching recent US patents pulls up some curious climate solutions.

Why Most of What You’ve Heard About Cancer is Wrong

Squamous cell carcinoma (a type of skin cancer). Yale Rosen/Flickr

Science author George Johnson says we need to rethink our understanding of this most devastating of diseases—and when you read some of the surprising cancer facts in his latest book, you’ll see why.

How We’re Failing to Prepare for the Next Sandy

NASA Goddard Photo and Video/Flickr

A year after Hurricane Sandy left a $65 billion price tag in its wake, we haven’t done much to avoid the next weather disaster.

WATCH: One Year After Sandy, Breezy Point Rebuilds

Where over 100 homes burned during the storm, a community pieces itself back together.

The Science of Tea Party Wrath

Fibonacci Blue/Flickr

Jonathan Haidt on the psychology of politics, the emotions behind the Tea Party—and why as a self-described centrist, he thinks a Republican crackup may be coming.

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