Colorado Wildfire: Our Scorching Future?

The High Park fire rages in northern Colorado on Monday. Photo by @j_noecker via Twitter

As residents flee 40-foot flames in the mountain west, scientists see climate change altering fire patterns around the globe.

Interactive: New York’s Roofscape Gets Climate Makeover


Witness the evolution of NYC’s billion-square-foot roofscape in the face of climate change.

Brooklynites: Don’t Frack Our Beer!


Does worrying about fracking make you thirst for a drink? Before you raise that pint of ale to your lips, consider the source.

As Austerity Falters, European Economists Say “Price Carbon!”

Greek anti-austerity protesters clash with riot police in Athens. PIAZZA del POPOLO/Flickr

Study finds taxing carbon is a less painful solution to deficit crisis.

Greening the Grid

James West

Want to address climate change? Start with the largest emissions-spewing machine on earth: the US electric grid.


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