Alaska Native Village Votes to Relocate in the Face of Rising Sea Levels

Shishmaref, Alaska, is built on a narrow spit along the Bering Sea Coast. It's under threat from increasing erosion, disappearing ice, and thawing permafrost.

“I waited until the last hour to vote.”

Vote of a Lifetime

In this December 2006 photo, Nathan Weyiouanna’s abandoned house at the west end of Shishmaref, Alaska, sits on the beach after sliding off during a fall storm in 2005. Diana Haecker/AP

This Alaskan town is voting on whether to stay or go in the face of climate change.

Did Climate Change Cause Russia’s Deadly Anthrax Outbreak?

A photomicrograph of Bacillus anthracis bacteria, the bacteria that causes anthrax. CDC

Scientists are investigating whether melting permafrost has unleashed the bacteria.

Here Are 7 Terrifying Charts That Show Exactly What We’re Doing to the Planet

Bernhard Staehli/Shutterstock

Scientists have some bad news for Earth.

Most Republicans Who Care About Climate Change Are Skipping the Convention

Republican Sens. Kelly Ayotte (N.H.), John McCain (Ariz.), and Lindsey Graham (S.C.) Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call/AP

Some Republicans have sane views on global warming, but you won’t hear from them in Cleveland.

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