The Slideshow That Saved the World: An Oral History of An Inconvenient Truth

Aaron Favila/AP

Al Gore got stuck on a scissor lift. Studio execs fell asleep at a screening. And everybody hated the title. The amazing true story of the most improbable — and important — film of our time.

Should We Respond to Climate Change Like We Did to WWII?

War Production Co-ordinating Committee/Wikimedia Commons

The controversial theory of “climate mobilization” says we should.

Senate Republicans Want To Cut Funding For UN Climate Change Agency, Because Palestine

Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., talks with reporters. Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call

Two birds, one stone.

Everything You Need to Know About Pot’s Environmental Impact

Amelia Bates/Grist

Lots of energy. Lots of water.

Can Bernie Sanders Ride Fracking to Victory in New York?

anti-fracking protest

The Democratic presidential candidates have divergent views on the controversial natural gas drilling technique.

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