The Drought Isn’t Just a California Problem

Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the United States, is 38 percent full. It forms part of the border between Nevada and Arizona. John Locher/AP

A rundown of other Western states in the middle of serious dry spells

19 Heartbreaking Photos of Hurricane Katrina’s Aftermath

Mark Murrmann

Here’s what I saw in New Orleans 10 years ago.

Where Black Lives Matter Began

Victims of Hurricane Katrina argue with National Guard Troops as they try to get on buses headed to Houston on Sept. 1, 2005. Willie Allen Jr./St. Petersburg Times/ZUMA

Hurricane Katrina exposed our nation’s amazing tolerance for black pain.

Hillary Clinton Breaks With Obama Over Arctic Drilling


She expressed her disapproval just a day after Obama gave Shell the go-ahead.

Islamic Leaders Issue Bold Call for Rapid Phase Out of Fossil Fuels


Religious scholars, experts, and teachers from around the world unite to call for climate action.

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