Here’s a Really Clever Plan to Force the Feds to Deal With Climate Change

Evgenia Bolyukh/Shutterstock

It’s so sneaky, it just might work.

Airbnb for Water

Frederico Rostagno/ShutterStock

How an obscure startup could help solve California’s water crisis.

Exxon Knew of Climate Change in 1981, Email Says


But the oil giant kept funding global warming skeptics.

Sorry, But the Perfect Lego Brick May Never Be Eco-Friendly

simone mescolini/Shutterstock

Everything isn’t awesome.

Weed Growers Are a Drag on Denver’s Energy Supply

Bruce Stanfield/Shutterstock

The flowering reefer industry is sucking up energy, and the city has no efficiency plans in place to mitigate the problem.


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