Obama’s Coal-Leasing Program Is Costing Taxpayers More Than $50 Billion


The social cost of coal is huge. So why are mining leases so cheap?

White House: Delaying Climate Action Will Carry Heavy Economic Cost


President’s economic advisers sound warning over delaying EPA power plant rules in the face of industry lobbying.

The Next Generation of GM Crops Has Arrived


And so has the controversy.

Hardcore Capitalists Warn That Climate Change Is A Big Deal For American Businesses

Jim Gillooly/PEI/Flickr

The report focuses on the devastation that climate change could cause for American businesses.

Greenpeace Executive to Commute by Train Instead of Plane

Kitty Terwolbeck/Flickr

Move follows Guardian revelations about Pascal Husting’s flights from home in Luxembourg to offices in Amsterdam.


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