Mitt Romney Shifts His Position on Climate Change—Again


He made global warming a punch line in his 2012 nomination speech. Now he says it’s a “major problem.”

Climate Hawks Are Not Impressed by Obama’s Methane Plan


Environmental groups say the new emissions rules don’t go far enough.

Forget the Oil Industry’s Methane. Obama Should Crack Down on Cows Instead.


The president shouldn’t have started his war on methane with the fossil fuels sector.

West Virginia Will Let Schools Teach the Truth About Climate Change After All

Ilmicrofono Oggiono /Flickr

State officials tried to add global warming skepticism to the curriculum. Now they’ve reversed course.

Hateful Little Cannibal Squirrels Could Help California Drought

Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife/Wikimedia Commons

Farmers hate Belding’s ground squirrels. But they may be an essential piece of the state’s ecosystems.


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