Wanna See What Happens When You Rely on the Fossil Fuel Sector and Slash Taxes?

Andrew Cline/Shutterstock

Check out Louisiana.

Science Has Found a Brilliant New Use for Your Kitchen Scraps

Steve Russell/The Toronto Star/ZUMA

Turns out, dumping compost on grasslands can do a surprising amount for the planet.

Middle East Summers Could Become Unlivable By End Of Century


The “father of global warming” has a dire warning for people living in hot, tropical locales.

We’ll Always Have Paris


The historic climate agreement struck in December has yet to be signed, and already has suffered one setback after another.

Weird Ailments, Toxic Water, Dismissive Officials—and No, This Isn’t Flint

The aftermath of the 2008 Kingston Fossil Plant spill in Tennessee—the worst coal ash spill in US history Dot Griffith/Appalachian Voices

The environmental justice disaster you’ve never heard of.

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