The Ugly Truth Lurking Behind the Climate Talks


As a climate deal nears, power players want accountability (just not for themselves).

A Diplomatic, Apocalyptic Game of Jenga


As the precarious climate talks build toward toward a climax, one French diplomat tries to keep it all from crashing down.

The Island of Nauru Could Live or Die at the Hands of COP21

Years of strip-mining have left three-quarters of Nauru's land useless. Sosrodjojo/JiwaFoto/ZUMA

Over the years, this tiny Pacific island has been devastated by war, phosphate mining, and now climate change.

The US Will Leave Fossil Fuels in the Ground—Until After the Paris Climate Talks

Anton Watman/Shutterstock

Officials postponed the auction of an oil and gas development lease until next spring.

Here’s Why the Words “Loss and Damage” Are Causing Such a Fuss at the Paris Climate Talks

Rich Carey/Shutterstock

It’s not just mitigation and adaptation anymore.

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