Under Obama, U.S. Leads the World in Oil and Gas Production

Ken Lund/Flickr

The US has been closing ranks on Russia since 2008.

The Shutdown Will Slowly Reduce Our Weather Preparedness


“I can’t imagine a major potato chip maker saying that it could survive without potato farms.”

Why Big Coal’s Export Terminals Could be Even Worse Than the Keystone XL Pipeline


Proposed Northwest coal ports could have a bigger climate impact—with local pollution to boot.

What the Scopes Trial Teaches Us About Climate-Change Denial

POLITICS - Famous Americans

The Tennessee courtroom battle showed what can happen when big business joins forces with religious faith.

WTF is the IPCC?

Chairman Rajendra K. Pachauri speaks at the 2009 session of the IPCC. Johannes P. Christo/ZUMA

About the top cat, the big cheese, the heavyweight champion of the world community of climate experts.


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