The Supertyphoon and the Warming Globe

Fragile Oasis/Flickr

Did climate change turn Haiyan into a monster?

How Online Mapmakers Are Helping the Red Cross Save Lives in the Philippines

EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection/Flickr

Volunteers across the world are building the digital infrastructure for the organization’s Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts.

Philippines Urges Action to Resolve Climate Talks Deadlock After Typhoon Haiyan

United States Marine Corps Official Page/Flickr

UN negotiations in Warsaw must deliver emergency climate pathway as new storm brews in the Pacific, says government.

The Key to Cheap Renewable Energy? Robots


Think Roombas, but for photovoltaic arrays.

Carbon Emissions Must be Cut ‘Significantly’ by 2020, Says UN Report


Failure will mean greater costs and risks and pathway to limiting temperature rise to under 2C will close fast.

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