The County Council Election That Could Make or Break Big Coal


Voters in rural Washington could decide the fate of millions of tons of coal exports to China.

#DrownYourTown: What Happens When Twitter Users Get On-Demand Apocalyptic Sea Level Rise Maps


Researcher drowns over 50 locations in a 2-hour mapping marathon.

Three Reasons Why Germany Is Kicking Our Arsch on Solar

Rainer Lippert/Wikimedia Commons

Most Germans want a quick transition to decentralized renewable energy.

How Green Is Cory Booker?

Tracie Van Auken/ZUMA

Booker gets mixed reviews from greens who watched him in action as Newark’s mayor. Now, as New Jersey’s new senator, will he step up?

How Somali Pirates Almost (but Not Quite) Halted Vital Climate Change Research


Evidence from the final research vessel to brave the treacherous waters off the coast of Africa in 2001 may have just turned the tables on the accepted scientific view of how—and how quickly—the Sahara became a desert.


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