Carbon Capture: 130 Plants Needed ‘to Avoid Dangerous Climate Change’

PNNL - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory/Flickr

Report by CCS group says huge investment needed by 2020.

Yes, Coal is Dying, But No, EPA is Not the Main Culprit


David Roberts explains what’s really snuffing out the coal industry.

Why We Can’t Bank on Recessions to Keep Global Warming in Check


Carbon emissions and GDP rise together almost in lockstep, but emissions are slower to fall when economies contract.

Warm North Atlantic Ocean Causing UK’s Wet Summers, Study Shows


Data points to link between warmer oceans and the change in weather, and the possibility of a rapid reversal to drier climate.

Could Washington State Elect the Greenest Governor in the Nation?


It’s a rare face-off between candidates of both parties who care about climate action.


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