Can Drastic New Anti-Pollution Rules Help Clean Up Beijing’s Air?


There could be a “silver lining” to the smog.

US Department of Interior Criticises State Over Keystone XL Impact Report

The piping plover is one species identified by the Interior Dept. as at-risk from the Keystone XL pipeline.

Letter calls draft environmental impact statement on controversial transnational oil-sands project ‘inaccurate’.

China’s Voyage of Discovery to Cross the Less Frozen North


Global warming means that the Arctic’s fabled Northern Sea Route could soon be ice-free in summer, slashing journey times for cargo ships sailing from the Far East to Europe. Which is why the Yong Sheng, a rust-streaked Chinese vessel, is on a truly historic journey.

Can Climate Science Be Rendered Conservative-Friendly?


It’s not as obvious as it might seem, David Roberts says.

The Solar Industry’s New Dirty Secret

Matthijs Koster/Flickr

The industry has slipped on several key environmental metrics, a new report finds.

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