CHARTS: TV News Mentioned Donald Trump Nearly 20 Times More Than Fracking in 2011

Gage Skidmore/Flickr

And Fox News led TV enviro coverage, believe it or not.

Kite Powers EV Across Australia for $15 of Electricity

Courtesy Evonik

Forget plug-ins. Just strap on a kite.

Butterflies Booking It North as Climate Warms

Thomas Bresson via Wikimedia Commons

In the past 19 years a warming climate has radically reshaped Massachusetts butterfly communities.

The Surprising Connection Between Food and Fracking

IITA Image Library/Flickr

Synthetic fertilizer operations have a huge appetite for natural gas.

Sea Change: The Bay of Bengal’s Vanishing Islands


Rapid erosion and rising sea levels are increasingly threatening the existence of islands off the coast of Bangladesh and India.


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