Climate-Related Disaster Coming Your Way? Your Insurance Could Bail


When it comes to grappling with the effects of climate change, insurance companies could be on the verge of failing the very people they’re meant to protect.

Time for the GOP to Get Serious About Climate Change, the New National Security Issue

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources/Flickr

The GOP is ceding important ground by tolerating and encouraging denialism on this critical topic.

Arctic 1, Shell Oil 0, for 2012 Season

U.S. Coast Guard/Flickr

So much for that.

Arctic Sea Ice Hits Record Low: Live Updates and Reaction

Daniel Beltra/Greenpeace

New data from the US Snow and Ice Data Centre is expected to confirm a record Arctic sea ice minimum within days.

Is There Even Less Arctic Sea Ice Than the Satellites Show?


Only 350 miles from the north pole, possibly 50% of the sea is covered in ice, yet data says there is ice cover at this latitude.


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