Baked Alaska

Bear Glacier

If the Last Frontier is the canary in the climate coal mine, we’re in trouble.

Politics Is Poisoning NASA’s Ability to Do What It Needs to Do

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz attacks NASA’s Earth science programs.

Will Obama’s Ag Chief Wimpify the 2015 Dietary Guidelines to Please Big Meat?

bacon smile

The industry’s new PR slogan: “Hands off my hot dog.” 

Vanuatu’s President: “Yes, Climate Change Is Contributing to This”


As Cyclone Pam devastates his country, President Baldwin Lonsdale speaks out on the link between global warming and extreme weather.

Report: Florida Banned State Workers From Saying “Climate Change”

Wilma aftermath

“Global warming” and “sustainability” among phrases allegedly barred at state’s Department of Environmental Protection, investigative report finds.


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