Spending $100m To Save the Planet Is a Bad Thing

Tom Steyer

Don’t believe Tom Steyer and his liberal Super Pac’s push for climate change: donor-doers aren’t doing democracy any good.

IPCC Hearing Brings UK Closer to US Polarisation on Climate Change

Richard Lindzen/MIT

Leading sceptics getting big slots to reject global warming indicates a growing climate denial bias at Westminster.

UN Warns Us to Eat Less Meat and Lay Off Biofuels, or We’re In For It

Harvesting sugar cane in Brazil. Shell.

We’re overconsuming ourselves into environmental oblivion.

Did ’60 Minutes’ Drop The Ball Again?

60 Minutes

CBS’s ‘Cleantech Crash’ segment misses the point, critics charge.

Will Congress Go Another Year Without Designating New Wilderness?


The only thing Congress has preserved in the last four years is its record dry spell.


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