Obama Could Make Climate Progress Internationally

The White House/Flickr

…even if he’s hobbled at home.

US Drought Could Trigger Repeat of Global Food Crisis, Experts Warn


As the mid-west bakes and food prices soar, threats of a ripple effect in the Middle East could lead to more uprisings.

Will Cape Wind Be the Next Solyndra?

Andy S-D/Flickr

GOP Rep. Darrell Issa hopes so.

America’s Corn Farmers High and Dry as Hope Withers with their Harvest


Brutal mix of triple-digit temperatures and lack of rain forces farmers in the corn belt to consider abandoning entire crop.

Dependence on Middle Eastern Oil: Now It’s China’s Problem, Too


As America imports less energy from the region and China imports more, it risks becoming the “new U.S.” in the Middle East.


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