US Climate Envoy Pooh-Poohs 2 Degree Goal


Why stop at 2 degrees of warming?

Mitt Romney Confirms He Would End US Wind Power Subsidies


Mitt Romney and Barack Obama draw up battle lines over US wind farm tax credits.

6 Ways California Is Planning to Adapt to Climate Change

Joe Azure/Flickr

North Carolina is dealing with sea level rise by banning science. California is doing something else: actually making plans. 

The Rare Earth Riches Buried Beneath Greenland’s Vast Ice Sheet

Didier Jansen/Flickr

Small group of 17 elements is in extraordinary demand, but potential wealth must be balanced against environmental responsibilities.

Why the Military is Trying to Reduce its Fossil Fuel Use

NZ Defence Force/Flickr

The military understands the importance of reliable renewable energy. Why doesn’t the GOP?


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