Earth-Cooling Schemes Need Global Sign-Off, Researchers Say

NASA Goddard Photo and Video/Flickr

World’s most vulnerable people need protection from huge and unintended impacts of radical geoengineering projects.

Views Differ on Fracking’s Impact


Do the economic benefits outweigh the environmental risks?

Drought That Ravaged US Crops Likely to Worsen in 2013, Forecast Warns


NOAA predicts tough spring for already struggling farmers as growing demand for water leaves US more exposed dry seasons.

The Worst Way to Measure Energy Efficiency

Smog in central Shanghai. oliverlaumann/Flickr

The international focus on “energy intensity” is hurting the fight against climate change.

America’s Most Obvious Tax Reform Idea: Kill the Oil and Gas Subsidies


In a world where $100-a-barrel oil is here to stay, there’s no need to pad the industry’s bottom line.

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