Rising Ocean Acid Levels are ‘The Biggest Threat to Coral Reefs’

USFWS Pacific/Flickr

The speed by which oceans’ acid levels have risen has caught scientists off-guard, says the head of NOAA.

Food and Extreme Weather


It’s the soil, stupid.

Heat Wave Bakes Eastern Half of the US, but is Climate Change to Blame?


Everyone seems to agree that it’s a scorcher, but how willing you are to blame climate change seems to be up for debate.

Top U.S. Science Official: ‘Climate Change is Having Consequences in Real Time’

nasa hq photo/Flickr

Jane Lubchenco, head of NOAA, said Americans are connecting the dots between climate change and recent severe weather. When will political leaders make the issue a priority?

GOP Aims to Sink Navy’s “Great Green Fleet”

US Navy/Declan Barnes

The US Navy is tanking up on biofuel, no thanks to GOP legislators.


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