Global Fight for Natural Resources ‘Has Only Just Begun’


Academics and business figures gave a grim warning at the Resource 2012 conference, but defended the Rio+20 outcomes.

Charts: Which Country Feels the Most Guilt About the Environment?


Nations with small environmental footprints tend to feel guiltier than their resource-guzzling counterparts.

The Long Shadow of the BP Oil Spill Keeps Killing Baby Birds

Julie Dermansky

In Louisiana, experts say barrier islands are vanishing “like sugar in coffee.” That’s bad news for the waterfowl whose newly hatched chicks are being washed away.

Right-Wing Think Tank FOIAs Climate Scientists

Drift Words/Flickr

American Tradition Institute seeks the release of emails with journalists to find details that could be used to discredit science.

Scientists Attribute Extreme Weather to Man-made Climate Change


Researchers have for the first time attributed recent floods, droughts and heatwaves, to human-induced climate change.


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