Greens Sue NJ Gov. Chris Christie for Dropping Climate Pact

Bob Jagendorf/Flickr

Why is Christie determined to kill climate legislation?

Rio+ 20 Earth Summit Could Collapse, WWF warns


Countries fail to agree on draft text for sustainable development goals and definition of key objectives including green economy.

The Top Five Things Voters Need to Know About Conservatives and Climate Change

Tumitu Design/Flickr

Forget everything else: here’s the important stuff.

GOP Ally of Big Coal Smears Environmental Activist with Kiddie Porn Accusation

A mountaintop removal coal mining site in West Virginia. nrdc_media/Flickr

The tactic of a Colorado congressman, whose ties to the coal industry run deep, may be less surprising than it is brazen.

BP Demands Scientist Emails in Gulf Oil Spill Lawsuit


What effect does drawing scientists into legal battles have on how science is conducted?


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