This Palm Oil Company Just Bulldozed a Rainforest

Wikimedia Commons

Astra has cut down 14,000 hectares of forests since 2007 to make way for palm oil plantations, environmentalists say.

Farming in the Sky


Why agriculture may someday take place in towers, not fields.

Climate Change Blamed for Severe Drought Hitting Vietnam’s Coffee Crops

Wikimedia Commons

Exports drop 40% as world’s second-biggest coffee exporter suffers rising temperatures and drought, combined with effects of deforestation, land degradation and depleted water resources caused by decades of growth.

Here’s What Osama bin Laden Wrote About Climate Change

Bin Laden

Read the terrorist mastermind’s speech about the “massive consequences of climate changes.” 

There’s a Place That’s Nearly Perfect for Growing Food. It’s Not California.

A cotton field in Georgia. Georgia Department of Agriculture/Flickr

De-Californifying the US fruit and vegetable supply. 


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