New Bill Would Cut $113 Billion in Fossil Fuel Subsidies


Despite a slim chance of passage, bill targeting oil industry has many pumped.

Climate Change Could Help Untreatable Viral Disease Spread in New York City


Warmer weather means more mosquitoes.

Czech President Condemns ‘Aggressive’ Heartland Institute Adverts

European Parliament/Flickr

Václav Klaus condemns thinktank’s campaign but says he will still proceed with his keynote speech at the forthcoming conference.

Arctic Ocean is a Potent Methane Source Too

NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center/Flickr

New research suggests the ocean itself could be spewing greenhouse gases.

U.S. Coal Lobbies Frantically to Save Its Doomed-Ass Self

Rainforest Action Network/Flickr

Obama’s “all of the above” strategy tacitly leaves out coal.


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