University of East Anglia Spent £112,870 on ‘Climategate’ PR

Xavier de Jauréguiberry/Flickr

University forced to reveal how much it paid the Outside Organisation in wake of hacked emails furor.

Watch the Climate Conversation Run Aground

jans canon/Flickr

What a recent debate in Iowa says about roadblocks in the climate change debate.

The Perils of Apocalyptic Thinking

WIS Photography/Flickr

Entangled with the myth of apocalypse, the debate about climate change has reached an impasse.

Celebrate Earth Day in Super High Resolution

James Drake

Data from a Russian satellite creates a stunning timp-lapse video of the earth.

US and UK to Collaborate on ‘Floating’ Wind Turbines


The new technology could allow Britain to harness the consistently higher wind speeds available over deeper water.


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