US Presidential Debates’ Great Unmentionable: Climate Change

The New York Times via YouTube

No mention of global warming for the first time since Congress was briefed on the threat in 1988.

Profitable Climate Fixes Are Too Tempting for Rogue Geoengineers to Resist

MCG Images 2/Flickr

It is the politics of climate change – not the science of geoengineering – that has created the opportunity for controversial iron dump.

Mapping the Potential for Solar Power On Every Roof

Photo Mojo Mike/Flickr

A new MIT project seeks to catalog where exactly the sun shines.

World’s Biggest Geoengineering Experiment ‘Violates’ UN Rules

hans s/Flickr

Controversial US businessman’s iron fertilisation off west coast of Canada contravenes two UN conventions.

Mitt Romney’s Winners and Losers


Debunking the GOP candidate’s favorite energy catchphrase.


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