A Glitter-Covered Banner Got These Protesters Arrested for Staging a Bioterror Hoax

Courtesy Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance

Energy giants have lobbied police to treat environmental activists like potential terrorists. Looks like it’s working.

Oil and Dolphins Don’t Mix


Study: Dolphins In Louisiana’s Barataria Bay Are Much Sicker After the BP Oil Spill.

Newly Discovered Greenhouse Gas ’7,000 Times More Powerful Than CO2′

Corey'sWorld (MDCoreBear)/Flickr

Perfluorotributylamine is an unregulated, long-living industrial chemical that breaks all records for potential climate impacts.

US Navy Predicts Summer Ice Free Arctic by 2016


Is conventional modelling out of pace with speed and abruptness of global warming?

Why Congress Needs to Extend the Wind Energy Tax Credit


The wind energy industry and environmental groups are calling on Congress to renew the credit.


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