The Drought Is Making California Mudslides Even Worse


Here’s why El Niño, wildfires, and drought are such a dangerous combination.

Why the Democratic Debate Should Focus on Climate Change

John Locher/AP

Tonight’s CNN debate is the perfect opportunity to make the election about global warming.

How Top GOP Donors Got Jeb Bush to Facilitate a Hurricane Katrina Cruise-Ship Boondoggle

Jeb Bush

A quarter billion dollars later, the ships sat half empty.

Climate Philanthropist George Soros Invests Millions in Coal

George Soros

The billionaire has previously funded renewable energy and low-carbon initiatives and has called coal a “lethal bullet” for climate change.

Baby Sea Lions Are Dying

Sea lions in rehab at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach, Calif. NOAA via Pacific Marine Mammal Center

Here’s why.

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