Want To Get Rich? Become a Water Lawyer in California

rich water lawyer

California regulators are finally trying to fix the state’s insane water rights system. So now they’re going to get sued.

Pope Francis’ Climate Change Encyclical Just Leaked. Here’s What It Says.

Marcio Fernandes/AP

Humans are causing climate change, and there will be “grave consequences” if we don’t act fast, warns the pope.

Your Binge-Watching Is Making the Planet Warmer


Those cat videos, TED talks, and Netflix original series you watch to unwind might be slowly killing the planet.

This Palm Oil Company Just Bulldozed a Rainforest

Wikimedia Commons

Astra has cut down 14,000 hectares of forests since 2007 to make way for palm oil plantations, environmentalists say.

Farming in the Sky


Why agriculture may someday take place in towers, not fields.


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