Climate Change Could Help Untreatable Viral Disease Spread in New York City


Warmer weather means more mosquitoes.

Czech President Condemns ‘Aggressive’ Heartland Institute Adverts

European Parliament/Flickr

Václav Klaus condemns thinktank’s campaign but says he will still proceed with his keynote speech at the forthcoming conference.

Arctic Ocean is a Potent Methane Source Too

NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center/Flickr

New research suggests the ocean itself could be spewing greenhouse gases.

U.S. Coal Lobbies Frantically to Save Its Doomed-Ass Self

Rainforest Action Network/Flickr

Obama’s “all of the above” strategy tacitly leaves out coal.

‘We have seen the enemy’: Bangladesh’s War Against Climate Change

Sumaiya Ahmed/Flickr

Devastating cyclones, floods and ruined crops have made Bangladesh ‘the world’s most aware society on climate change’


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