Why the Military is Trying to Reduce its Fossil Fuel Use

NZ Defence Force/Flickr

The military understands the importance of reliable renewable energy. Why doesn’t the GOP?

Does Climate Change Mean More Polar-Grizzly Bear Hybrids?

Hansruedi Weyrich

Warmer climes and a shrinking population could force inter-species breeding.

Are Climate Sceptics More Likely to be Conspiracy Theorists?

San Diego Shooter/Flickr

New research finds that sceptics also tend to support conspiracy theories such as the moon landing being faked.

Obama Could Make Climate Progress Internationally

The White House/Flickr

…even if he’s hobbled at home.

US Drought Could Trigger Repeat of Global Food Crisis, Experts Warn


As the mid-west bakes and food prices soar, threats of a ripple effect in the Middle East could lead to more uprisings.

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