Three questions about energy for Maggie Koerth-Baker


The BoingBoing science editor on climate change, carbon pricing, and how to power the 21st century.

‘Dictatorship is coming back to the Maldives and democracy is slipping away’

Mat McDermott/Flickr

Mohamed Nasheed was busy campaigning to reduce global carbon emissions and counter the climate change that would drown his country. But then he resigned the presidency. At gunpoint.

Clean Air Helps the Economy

Steve A Johnson/Flickr

Environmental regulation doesn’t kill jobs; it creates them.

How a Grassroots Rebellion Won the Nation’s Biggest Climate Victory

The River Rouge plant on the banks of the Detroit River emits enough pollution to cause 44 deaths each year. Photo by Daniel Shea

Activists have imposed a de-facto moratorium on new coal—and beat the Obama EPA to the punch.

Tackling Belief is the Key to Overcoming Climate Change Scepticism


Without belief in climate change, repeating the scientific case for manmade global warming simply bounces off.


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