For PA’s Doctors, a Gag Order on Fracking Chemicals


A new provision could forbid the state’s doctors from sharing information with patients exposed to toxic fracking solutions.

Tennessee Passes Anti-Climate, Anti-Evolution ‘Education’ Bill


New rules allow teachers to decide whether climate change is taught as science or BS.

Keystone XL Pipeline: Obama to Oil Progress as Pump Prices Rise


On two-day energy tour, POTUS is expected to hasten building of southern section of tar sands line out of Canada.

Mike Daisey, Climate, and Greater Truths

Aaron Webb/Flickr

David Roberts on how Daisey’s brand of storytelling, properly framed, could help advance the story of our changing climate.

Mark Ruffalo, The Incredible Hunk

Johannah Reimer

Unscrupulous gas drillers make “The Avengers” star angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.


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