Science Says Your Soul Is Like a Traffic Jam

The National Archives/Flickr

Science writer Jennifer Ouellette explores the emerging science of the self, a body of research that examines not just who we are, but also…if we are. 

Is the Arctic Really Drunk, or Does It Just Act Like This Sometimes?

jet stream full679px

The biggest debate in climate science may be over whether global warming will create more winters like this one. If you care about weather, you’d better care about the outcome.

No, GMOs Won’t Harm Your Health


Dr. Steven Novella argues that many of the fears surrounding genetically modified crops are unsupported.

Michael Pollan Explains What’s Wrong With the Paleo Diet

Caveman: ollyy/Shutterstock; Scale: Fabio Freitas e Silva/Shutterstock; Kabob food: Africa Studio/Shutterstock. Photoilustration by Matt Connolly.

The celebrated food author dishes on how to eat well: less meat, more microbes, and cook it yourself.

A Poison Aficionado’s Guide to 6 Killer Chemicals

Steve and Sara Emry/Flickr

Science journalist Deborah Blum explores the homicidal—and, the environmental—ways that chemistry can do us in.


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