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Delegates attend the opening ceremony of the Climate Change Conference in Lima, Peru. Martin Mejia/AP
December 3, 2014

Lima Climate Change Talks Best Chance for a Generation, Say Upbeat Diplomats

Hopes rise for global warming deal after US-China carbon commitments inject much-needed momentum into Peru talks.

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December 2, 2014

Half of Americans Think Climate Change Is a Sign of the Apocalypse

What a new report on theology and global warming means for public policy.

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Wind farm
December 2, 2014

World Bank to Focus Future Investment on Clean Energy

World Bank will only fund coal projects in cases of ‘extreme need’ due to the risk climate change poses to ending world poverty, says Jim Yong Kim.

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December 2, 2014

5 Striking Things We’ve Learned About Pesticides in California

Pesticides have been linked to everything from bee deaths to the hole in the ozone layer.

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A Kashmiri Muslim man carries an electric transformer through floodwaters. Dar Yasin/AP
December 2, 2014

“So Little Time Between Hope and Death”

This fall, Kashmir saw its worst floods in more than half a century. My family and I barely survived them.

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Kevin Baird/Wikimedia Commons
March 13, 2015

What Happens When an Eclipse Hits the World’s Most Solar-Powered Country?

Germany is gearing up for an unusual challenge to its clean-energy revolution.

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Lance Cheung/Flickr
March 11, 2015

2014 Was the Biggest Year For Solar Power Ever

These 3 charts prove you should be excited about solar energy.

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