Why the Arctic Is Drunk Right Now

Drunk Arctic

The odd relationship between the warming Arctic and extreme cold weather.

4 Climate Myths You’ll Hear This Week

Your uncle, yelling at you about how global warming has stopped Jinga/Shutterstock and Jessica Robertson/USGS

‘Tis the season of climate denial. Be prepared.

How Much Should You Worry About an Arctic Methane Bomb?

Wikimedia Commons

Recent warnings that this greenhouse gas could cost us $60 trillion have received widespread publicity. But many scientists are skeptical.

Arctic Thawing Could Cost the World $60tn, Scientists Say

Polar Cruises/Flickr

Methane released by a thinning permafrost may trigger catastrophic climate change and devastate global economy.

One Family’s Great Escape

Richard Sprenger/The Guardian

Part one of a series on America’s first climate refugees.

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