What Happens When The Government Shuts Down 94 Percent of the EPA

factory with smoke stack

Most of the government workers monitoring your air quality, water, and chemical spills got sent home. What now? 

Watch: Congressman Makes “Completely Wrong” Claim About Temperature

Rep David McKinley (R-WV)

Rep. David McKinley said there’s been  ”almost no increase in temperature” for 40 years.

Are You Thirsty for Better Climate Change Communication?


Climate Desk Live teams up with thirst DC and ScienceOnline Climate. The event is sold out, but you can watch it live here.

Flood, Rebuild, Repeat: Are We Ready for a Superstorm Sandy Every Other Year?


Why we pretend the next storm won’t happen—and flush billions in disaster relief down the drain.

CIA Backs $630,000 Scientific Study on Controlling Global Climate


Conspiracy theorists, rejoice!


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