“Lawless and Radical”: What the 2016 Candidates Think of Obama’s New Climate Change Plan

Carolyn Kaster/AP


This GOP Presidential Candidate Actually Believes in Climate Change. But He Doesn’t Want to Fix It.

David Becker/ZUMA

Ohio Gov. John Kasich doesn’t “want to overreact” to global warming.

He May Be Pope, But That Doesn’t Mean He Can Stop Climate Change

giulio napolitano/Shutterstock

Liberals should think twice before wishing that American Catholics would take their political cues from the pope.

13 Tweets That Definitively Prove That Donald Trump Is Not a Scientist

Alex Brandon/AP

The reality-TV star has a long history of firing the facts.

Think the Climate Debate Is Settled? Jeb Bush Says You’re “Arrogant”

Charlie Neibergall/AP

You’ll be shocked to learn that the former Florida governor is “not a scientist.”

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